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Save A Cat!

Founded in 2013 by two area cat lovers who were concerned about overpopulation, Cat Advocates sterilizes and vaccinates feral cats to improve their health and control the population. We also advocate for cats in the community. Additionally we help rescue feral kittens and find them forever indoor homes. Cat Advocates is committed to improving the health and lives of feral cats through trap-neuter-return. We also hope to reduce the burden on area shelters and lower their euthanasia rates by keeping feral cats out of the shelters.


Improving the lives of cats and communities

Cat Advocates started as a trap-neuter-return (TNR) group, but has grown to include fostering and adoption.

Each cat is trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped for future identification.  The cats are then returned to the location they were picked up. Kittens and friendly cats skip the ear tip, and get stay at the cage-free, no-kill rescue until they find a forever home.

The goal of our organization is to foster positive relationships between cats and communities, decrease the burden on shelters, develop community partnerships and educate the public.

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Cat Advocates is looking for volunteers! We need volunteers to come to the rescue and play with and socialize kittens and mother cats so they may find forever homes. Times are flexible.


The second job will require some training, which Cat Advocates will provide. The volunteer for this position will meet with caretakers, arrange trapping of feral cats, transport them to the vet using your vehicle our our vehicle, and return them after surgery. It is by no means a difficult job but there are some things we want you to know before you get started for your safety as well as that of the cats and caretakers. If you think you'd be interested in this kind of work, please let us know so we can set up a time to start training you. The volunteer for this position will be filling in during spay/neuter days that we are unavailable due to work or school.


The TNR position would be 1-2 days per month, from spring through fall. Ideal candidates should have flexible schedules as we need to work around veterinarians' schedules for the spaying/neutering. A driver's license is also necessary.

Play with Cats

Come to the rescue and play with, brush and socialize kittens and cats to prepare them for forever homes.


Not as fun as the first job, but essential for the health and well-being of the cats.


It takes money to fix and vaccinate and feed and keep the kitties at the rescue healthy. We would love some people to help us raise needed funds.


Cats need regular combing to look and feel their best. This is a fun (and easy!) job for kids or adults!

Adoptable Cats

We have cats and kittens available for adoption! All are spayed/neutered and vaccinated! $75 adoption fee refundable if the adoption doesn't work out.

Save A Cat! Donate Now!

Your donations are used for:

  • Spay and neuter surgery

  • Vaccinations and medications

  • Food for cats at the sanctuary

  • Litter and supplies for the sanctuary

  • Trapping supplies

  • Transportation to vet appointments

You can designate your gift for a certain purpose or to sponsor an adoptable cat. 

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Thank you for helping us improve the lives of cats and communities.